July 10-12, 2015
Radisson Hotel, High Point, NC 

Additional scheduling information (reg hours, gaming information, dealer room, authors alley, consuite and area food map) can be found HERE.
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Kenneth Gentile

Literary Guest
Kenneth Gentile was born a crossfire hurricane... err, wait.

No, not the rocket from another world...

Nope, dad was not a fallen Jedi...

Oh, here it is: Kenneth Gentile was born in Chester, PA (Just outside Philly), in the way-back days of rotary phones and black & white televisions, when "tweeting" was something a bird did, and your "social network" was the other kids that snuck out behind the garage to get out of an early bedtime. 

All that changed when he was introduced to his first Tom Swift novel, in a dusty corner of St Robert's Elementary library. His electric rifle has never been far from his side since.
It didn't take long to burn through what little the library had in science fiction and fantasy (amazingly they did have both Doc Smith's Lensmen and Skylarks series), and pretty soon he was devouring everything in sight: Books, comics, monster magazines. Anything he could get his hands on was fair game. Then came gaming. Dungeons and Dragons and Gamma World to start and oh that insidious mistress had her claws deep in poor Kenn, for now reading wasn't enough. 

Now he must create.

That was going on four decades or so ago, and it's shown no signs of stopping. As well as being an avid role-player and Gamemaster for 38 years (Oh gods, has it been THAT long?!) he's finally gotten off his ahhh... "put his nose to the grindstone" and now has several short stories set in his Scorched Earth post-apocalyptic fantasy world, as well as his first Dr. Peppermint novella "... the Colour of Time" published. He currently lives in Asheville, NC with a crazy dog, a crazier Mate, and an office he desperately needs to clean up. When he's not running Convention games of Deadlands and Numenera... he's working on his next project "Chevy Nova and the Lost Treasure of Motorheart."

Be sure to tell him "You need to be writing."