July 10-12, 2015
Radisson Hotel, High Point, NC 

Additional scheduling information (reg hours, gaming information, dealer room, authors alley, consuite and area food map) can be found HERE.
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Christina Stiles

Gaming Guest
Christina will be running games throughout the weekend.  You can find her games listed in OGRe by searching for GM (first name, last initial) under Advanced Search Options.

Christina Stiles is an award-winning freelance tabletop roleplaying game writer, editor, developer, and publisher from South Carolina. She is also a developer for Misfit Studios and Rogue Genius Games; she publishes gaming products and fiction via her own Christina Stiles Presents line, as well. Her most recent works include THE ROGUE MAGE RPG GAME MASTER’S GUIDE, MIDGARD TALES from Kobold Press, DAUGHTERS OF FURY from Paizo Publishing, and the upcoming BITE ME! THE GAMING GUIDE TO LYCANTHROPES from Misfit Studios. She is currently working on MEDUSA’S GUIDE FOR GAMER GIRLS. Christina has worked for Atlas Games, Bastion Press, Eden Studios, Goodman Games, Green Ronin Publishing, Kobold Press, Misfit Studios, Paizo Publishing, Rogue Genius Games, Super Genius Games, Troll Lord Games, and White Wolf Studios.