July 10-12, 2015
Radisson Hotel, High Point, NC 

Additional scheduling information (reg hours, gaming information, dealer room, authors alley, consuite and area food map) can be found HERE.
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Michael Brown

Gaming Guest
Outwardly a shy, retiring sort but with a rich universe occupying the space between his ears, Michael Brown finally found the doorway between the inner and outer fantasy worlds: DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS. He walked through that door and never looked back. Now having been in the gaming realm for over thirty years, he has played or run AD&D, Traveller, Champions/HERO, and GURPS. A (somewhat) prolific writer, he has penned articles for DRAGON MAGAZINE, PYRAMID MAGAZINE, THE JOURNAL OF THE TRAVELLERS' AID SOCIETY, FREELANCE TRAVELLER, the RPG Archive website, and the Zhodani Base Website. 

Somewhere along the line, he found time to teach himself to read and draw, earn an Associates' Degree in Graphic Design and a Pharmacy Technician Certification -- weather a brief period of homelessness (publishing a blog about the experience that went viral), oppose bullies of every stripe, and raise three children