July 10-12, 2015
Radisson Hotel, High Point, NC 

Additional scheduling information (reg hours, gaming information, dealer room, authors alley, consuite and area food map) can be found HERE.
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Michael D. Pederson

Fan Guest
Michael D. Pederson is the publisher/editor/graphic designer responsible for NTH DEGREE. Mike began his career as a writer/publisher in 1988 when his SF short story, “Dust Storm,” won first place in a local writing contest. In the 1990s, he wrote and published the RAVEN comic book series (with artist Robert Quill) and edited and published Scene, a Virginia-based entertainment magazine.
In 2001, Mike was part of the “Best in Class – Master Division” winning presentation (PRE-EMPTIVE STRIKE) at the Millennium Philcon Masquerade. Two months later he started NTH DEGREE. In 2007, he wrote a chapter on “Writing for Magazines” for Dragon Moon Press’ WRITING FANTASY: THE AUTHOR’S GRIMOIRE.

In addition to Nth Degree, in 2006 Mike (along with Tee Morris and Tony Ruggiero) came up with the crazy idea of hosting a science-fiction convention in Richmond, Virginia. He’s been chairing RavenCon ever since. Other than RavenCon, Mike has also run programming for Trinoc*coN, been Fan Guest of Honor for ConCarolinas and Mysticon, and served as Master of Ceremonies for MarsCon. Between Nth Degree and his many convention appearances, Mike has become the East Coast’s go-to guy for interviews. He’s interviewed guests for ConGregate, MarsCon, Mysticon, RavenCon, and StellarCon. In the last few years Mike has interviewed a wide range of writers, gamers, artists, and actors. Those interviews have included Aaron Alston, Kevin J. Anderson, Elizabeth Bear, Jennie Breeden, Terry Brooks, Jim Butcher, Orson Scott Card, Nicki Clyne, David B. Coe, Glen Cook, Larry Correia, Peter David, Peter Davison, Richard Hatch, Jim Hines, D.B. Jackson, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Alethea Kontis, Katherine Kurtz, Todd McCaffrey, Rebecca Moesta, Tamora Pierce, Mark Poole, John Ringo, Carrie Ryan, Michael Stackpole, Bruce Sterling, S.M. Stirling, Lani Tupu, David Weber, Janny Wurts, Timothy Zahn, and too many more to list.

Yes, Mike is an insanely busy person; if you see him at a convention please feed him lots of caffeine and/or beer.

When not engaged in geekish pursuits, Mike is an under-employed graphic designer and lives in Richmond, Virginia.